Taverson Equipment Rental donates material handling equipment and heavy machinery for upcoming beautification process

Mayor Clay Como from Fairborn, Ohio would like to thank Taverson Equipment Rental, Co. for its generous donation to the Fairborn city beautification process. Taverson Equipment Rental donated heavy machinery and material handling equipment for the beautification process that will start next month and take six weeks to complete phase one and another year to complete phase two.

“The generous donation of equipment rentals has helped us stay on budget for this project,” said Mayor Como. “Heavy machinery rental and material handling equipment was a large line item on our budget, and having these items donated allows us to release funding for items we originally struck from the budget due to cost.”

The material handling equipment will be used to transport all of the supplies for the city park. The park, which will include an activity play center, three sets of swings and a basketball court, is the first item on the beautification list and will kick off phase one of the beautification project. Taverson Equipment Rental’s donation came in just two weeks before the project was scheduled to break ground, allowing the project managers to cancel the originally scheduled heavy machinery rental and replace it with the donated machinery equipment. The extra funds will be used in phase two of the project.

The donated heavy machinery rental will be used to create the Fairborn Historical Center, which is scheduled to break ground at the conclusion of the six-week phase one, and take six months to a year to complete. The machinery rental donation will be in effect until the project is finished.

“We were honored to support this project with a donation of heavy machinery and material handling equipment,” said Brandon Taverson, CEO of Traverson Equipment Rental. Mayor Como is a long-time friend of Traverson Equipment Rental, and we are honored to not only support him, but also to support the town of Fairborn in its beautification efforts.”